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A persistent issue has been identified with the application on an iPhone 14 Pro Max with 128 GB storage, running iOS 17.3.1. Despite uninstalling and reinstalling the app, unexpected closures and automatic restarts persist. The user, who recently acquired an annual membership, expresses concern, especially noting that others have reported similar issues. It’s worth noting that the iPhone has over 50 percent of available space. This additional information underscores the urgent need to address the problem to prevent disruptions in the user experience and ensure the proper performance of the application.

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Hi @Manuel_Del_Cid, thanks for the detailed information.

  1. What version of djay Pro are you using?
  2. Are you using any DJ hardware? If so please provide details.
  3. Anything else notable happening when the shut downs occur?

The application, in version 5.1.1 released on February 9, I am not using the controller, only the App and the problem is the same. Tomorrow I will try it on my Denon Prime. Everything seems to work normally, and just when you least expect it, when trying to drag the fader, whether with or without FX active, or with Neuro, is when the application closes. A few minutes ago I noticed that the local folders I had added or linked were also gone. Now I’m linking everything again.

Thanks for the additional details @Manuel_Del_Cid

You’re welcome. I bring a new update, I’ve noticed that the shut down occurs in professional mode. The maximum time my app stays online is now 40 minutes. This morning, I tested it on my Denon Prime 4 controller and experienced the same issue. Here’s something interesting: I switched to Starter mode, and my app didn’t close. I decided to close it after using it for 1 hour and 30 minutes. It’s worth noting that I switched between Neural Mix and Solo Fader modes to check if it’s related to the app’s source code not supporting many actions in one session.
“I hope this information also helps more people and the programmers themselves.”

Thanks again @Manuel_Del_Cid. This is very helpful. The team is working on it. I’ll report back when I have more news.

Hi @Manuel_Del_Cid, I’m happy to report that 5.1.2 has officially been released. Please update and let me know if this fixes your issue. Thanks.

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Today is test night!!! Today I will dedicate myself to it, I saw that it was a memory leak, I imagined something like that when I mentioned that by making the App perform several functions at the same time, something in it got out of control. I’m glad to know that you care about your users and I congratulate your team. I will be back with more updates as I test to the max.

You’re welcome. Thanks for the update @Manuel_Del_Cid.

Thank you for everything, here I am back, I am curious, what is the probability that with the new update that they carried out, there is a probability that there will be a new memory leak, I mention this because today the App unexpectedly closed while I was in a live set. I would like to think that something very far from this assumption but I still have that in mind. I’ll have a chance to test it thoroughly early tomorrow and I’m scared that the problem will start again.

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