Help for a beginner

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  • Device model: Mac
  • Version of operating system: newest ios
  • Version of djay: pro
  • Hardware/controllers used:

I am trying to find videos on how to use the most basic functions of the app. Looking to use to DJ a wedding for a friend. Do any of these videos exist? Walking you through from the start. Most I find are using either too old of a version or they are getting into actually making music. I am not that talented lol. Any help?

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This fella covers about djay pro

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There is no ideal solution here as the last update to version 5 in December made most of the tutorials slightly outdated. Still, I recommend this video series, even though it’s targeted towards iPad and is already five years old but it will tell you about the basics in a comprehensive manner:

If you want to DJ your friend’s wedding, you have a steep learning curve ahead of you so best of luck! This forum here is a great place to ask whenever you get stuck :slight_smile: You might also want to take a look at the Automix functionality of djay which will help you out greatly.

Lastly, there is the official handbook that you can read: