Help - How to get playlists organized with djay2??

How can I organize playlists with djay 2? As far as I have understood, djay2 uses the playlists from the build-in ipad music player.
I would like to:

  • Copy playlists
  • Move titles between playlists
  • Copy history to playlist
    I can’t do this with the build-in ipad music player, but neither with djay2.
    Background: For some childrens party, I would like to prepare a number of autoplay lists. I have some master list and then I would like to create copys and add/modify/delete titles.

Thanks for some advice,


Djay2 should really have its own playlist feature as songs may be from both local and Spotify sources. A playlist feature seems to be the most basic feature of DJ software. Stunning that it is not included. I also like the idea of saving a Queue to a playlist. Perhaps previous set as well.

Hi Christoph,

You cannot edit your playlists in djay, you can only create one Automix Queue list.
BUT, you should be able to create and edit playlists on the Music app:…

Sorry, this isn’t supported at the moment.

I agree… :slight_smile:

Hi Warren,

thanx. Of course I know how to create and edit playlists in the Music app.


  • cannot copy playlists
  • cannot move/copy titles from one playlist to another
  • export playlists

I CAN do some/all of this with the itunes application. But I can’t do this on the ipad!!
I need some smart and comfortable way of doing these things on the ipad or within djay 2.
Minimum requirement would be:
Copy contents of Automix Queue in a new playlist.

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Agreed… I would very much value the ability to create playlists that combined both Spotify songs and songs saved locally. If YouTube can also be imported, even better!