HELP! I Want to buy DJay Pro/2 But........

Hi Djay Users

I am finding it very difficult to find out how to use Djay in the best way possible, please help if you can. At this point its clear to me that android and windows versions are not the way to go, so:

  1. What are the differences between the Mac and Ipad versions?
  2. Why doesn’t the Ipad version support the pioneer DDJ1000?
  3. Does Djay have a Beatjump feature 4/8/16/32 parameters?
  4. Does the Reloop Mixtour work with an ipad 12.9” pro 2nd generation
  5. Which older second hand macs will run Djay pro2

I think it’s obvious from the questions that i am a windows guy; i am desperate to integrate Djay into my work flow after using the android version.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Terry,

Thank you for getting in touch.

I will go through your questions one by one.

  1. The Mac version and the djay for iOS version come with a different set of features. While the Mac versions provides more natively supported devices and is also supporting the usage of an external mixer, djay for iOS has a not of cool features like the Looper on the other hand. You can try out both via the Mac demoor thefree version of our iOS(also iPad) version.
  2. At the moment the iOS version is not supporting the DDJ 1000, you can find all supported controllers here, please also note that with midi learn (an iOS and Mac feature) you can map not natively supported controllers.
  3. Beat Skipping is supported on our iOS version (not on the Mac version at the moment).
  4. Any iOS device which is working with iOS 11.2 or later is able to use djay for iOS and therefore the natively supported Mixtour.
  5. With the Mac version as with our iOS version, it depends on which operating system you can use. djay Pro 2 for Mac works with every Mac using OS X 10.11 or later.

Hope this was helping.

Lukas E.