Help mapping Numark mixtrack quad with Djay pro

Just bought the djay pro and it seems it is not compartible with my numark mixtrack quad. Any help of how to map it will be appreciated. I have not any midi mapping before and might need someone to walk me thro. Any help will be appreciated

I had the same issue. Literally only owned the unit for a couple of hours now. Here is how I am making progress:

Go to the MIDI => Configure Mix Track Quad in the menu bar or use the command Y keyboard shortcut to get to the MIDI menu.

You have to manually start actuating the controls on the device which will then populate the window with the MIDI note received and drop downs which allow you to assign the actions to different parts of the controller.

I watched a couple of youtube reviews that used the controller with virtual DJ le to get an idea of how the device was mapped and what its capabilities are.

Its a trial and error process. Kinda sucks to get started but it gets you that much more in touch with the capabilities of this controller.

I would be willing to throw a link up to the mapping I have if I can find the location for it. Currently using DJ Pro.

I have all 4 faders working and the pads set to cue points / knobs mapped to effects. Its not perfect but its a start.

Hi Sam,

I’m afraid the mapping file for the Mixtrack Pro 2 won’t help you with the Mixtrack Quad.

We’re looking into adding support for the Mixtrack Quad as well, but in the meantime you’ll have to map it manually (or have someone send you a mapping exactly for the Mixtrack Quad).

Yes, you can enable the LED via “MIDI Out” (under “Advanced”). And sorry, no we currently do not have a mapping file for the Quad.

Sure, just email us at support(at) and we can set up an appointment.

Try turning on “MIDI Out” in the “Advanced” options.

i just bought the unmark mix track quad and I’m kinda annoyed i was wondering if anyone can give me a mapping file from the unmark mix track pro 2 and i just add the the 2 extra faders and cue borons and layer anybody know if it will work

do u have a mapping file 4 quad

also if i do it manually will i have control over lights

i think u can find it under midi configure mix track quad

under midi out what do i click

how do i map LAYER botton

i seriously just can’t do this can i like do teamveir with u and u walk me through it

thnk you so much i will email

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Hi Everyone!

I have a Numark Mixtrack Quad. Anyone have a map I can download? Also, I’ve noticed that the buttons I need to light up are not doing so. How can I make this happen?



Anyone got the platter lights to animate?

I’m having same issue with mix deck quad , my cueing audio sounds in speaker , its asking to cue chanel 1,2 or 3,4 or build in , none seem to work