HELP! My library is empty!!!!

My Library which has dozens of folders/playlists and (had) thousands of songs is suddenly empty.
Folders & playlists are still visible, but all of them are empty. Only 1 song is visible(happy birthday), this song is outside of all folders/playlists.
The original songs are still visible in Apple Music but I still lost tons of information.
Is there a backup file somewhere I can try to restore?
Can you help??

MacOS 12.6.1
Djay Pro AI 4.0.13

Edit: I managed to restore an older version of “djay Media Library” in /Backup from 2 weeks ago that seems to work, fortunately I did not make much change during that time.
Looking at all the backups, I noticed that file size grows until Dec 1st (where backup decreases from 125MB to 109MB).
I tested the backup from Dec 1st, and indeed it’s the first backup that does not work.
Not sure what happened that corrupted djay Media Library file sometime between Nov 26th (last working backup) and Dec 1st (first corrupted backup), but this is pretty scary!

Is there a tool to check/repair corrupted djay Media Library files?
I am happy to share these files if you can have a look at it…

Hi @Markouchio,

Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue!

Glad to know that it’s been somewhat resolved though.

Would you mind sending us the seemingly corrupted library for our dev teams to further investigate?

Thank you!