HELP! My samples are not playing!

Hi there. I’m using DJ Pro AI with the DDJ-200 smart controller. I’m working with a community theater and the show we are doing has both sound effects and a lot of music cues. I pre-programmed a lot of custom samples and they were working just fine. Today, when I play the sample I get nothing. I can hear it fine when I open the editor and scroll through to change the sample but it won’t play when I click the button. None of them. Not even if I switch to the sample pack. Anyone experience this? I restarted my mac and made sure I have the latest version.

Hi @helvis, I’m not sure where the control is on macOS, but it sounds like you need to turn up the sample volume. See below for iOS:

I wish it were that simple. It’s up all the way.

ETA: Even if I select the metronome function I can’t hear that.

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@helvis do regular songs loaded into Deck 1 and Deck 2 play fine?

@helvis can you please also share a screen shot of your Settings>Audio Devices?

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Yes. I was able to load songs and play using both the desktop and the pioneer device.

Hi all. Thanks for your suggestions. When I got home from the theater last night things seemed back to normal. The only thing I did differently yesterday that seems to have been the cause of the issue is I had connected a digital XLR so I could connect a microphone and record some VO using Audacity. The issue started when I disconnected the mic and removed my audio unit. Must have been some weird software interaction. I’ll jump back in here if it happens again but if I need to record VO I’ll make sure not to run djay pro and audacity at the same time.

Thanks for the update @helvis

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