Help Needed Uploading Samples to Pro 2

Help! Having trouble uploading samples into Pro 2… followed the directions below but still nothing… Can anyone help here? believe the samples are mp3.……

Hi Zack,

when you use the “Go To Folder…” option in the top menu bar of the finder and paste the path according to the version you have downloaded, is this not leading you to the correct samples folder?

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


As Lukas points out use the Finder, Go, Goto Folder… menu option and paste in the appropriate “~/Library/…” path. If when you get there you are seeing Multiple folders, and/or nothing seems to happen, Then try the option I outline below…

I had the same issue, both with DJay Pro and DJay Pro2. After much searching and investigation, I came up with a solution to my problem.

Simply create a new user on your laptop, log in as this user, (give yourself admin rights). Then install DJay PRo2 from iTunes for the new user. Once this is done, copy the iTunes folder from the other username you are suing currently, into the new users home folder, under Music. This should do the trick.

I think the reason I had the issue was there were too many Algorridim DJ… folders, due to my having upgraded several times as the s/w has progressed, and this seems to have been causing the issue for me.

Its worth a try as you won’t lose anything, except your history in DJay Pro for the new user as its a fresh install, and you will still have the old version and everything that goes with it under the old username.