Help! Numark Mixtrack Edge with Traktor Pro 2 Shift button won't turn off and scratching problem

I’m using Numark Mixtrack Edge to control Traktor Pro 2 using the mapping I downloaded from the Numark site. Two problems:

1.) Shift button is permanently on. Shift button won’t turn off. Its always red and I wonder if that is causing other problems.

2.) It says in the Numark manual that to “scratch” a track I need to select the Browse/Scratch button while the FX button is lit and then use the jog wheel. If the FX button is unlit the Browse/Scratch button will just go to browse. Well, the Browse/Scratch key is just going to browse when the FX button is lit and unlit! I want to scratch.

Are these issues related? I think the problem might be the mapping. If so, how do I remap the Mixtrack Edge to fix the problem?

thanks so much - first time on this forum!

Hi Natalie,

I can’t help you with issues on Traktor Pro 2, as this isn’t one of our products.
Please kindly contact Native Instruments Support Service. They will help you!