Help Please! How can I record both music AND DJ voice/patter?

Hello and HELP!

I have djay PRO v:1.3.1
I am trying to record music and voice for a radio station demo/sample air check.
I have a BLUE YETI mic.
Can I do this with djay PRO?
Again: I want to record a simulated radio demo with music and voice (DJ patter and talk over). When I go to “record” my “show” only the music gets on the final recording. NOT the voice!

  1. Can I even do this? and
  2. If so, what are the settings (in layman’s language please) I would select in preferences? I think I’ve tried every configuration possible so now I’m wondering if I can do this at all. It has a Mic setting in preferences so I assumed I could. What is the “record” button for?

Can someone help me?
This program looks simple and I was sure it would work. But I am not a technical guy and need help.
Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Hi Wayne,

thank you for your post, you are on the right track here. You can select your Blue Yeti Mic by clicking at the microphone icon in the top left corner.
Now after activating the mic the your voice will be recorded if you are recording.

I hope this is helping.

Lukas E.

Hi Wayne,

the thing is, a lot of external controllers are not able to send back the mic signal to the Mac, as they are simply rooting the mic to the master. As long as your controller is supporting mic send back or you are connecting your mic straight to the Mac, like you are doing, the signal can be recorded.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

have you checked the mic settings as i suggested above? Can you make sure your mic is being activated?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Have you checked the other Mic settings by clicking at the mic icon here:

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas, I have tried what you suggested.
I also noticed, a year ago another customer asked the same question as I just did. Four months ago you yourself told her it wasn’t possible to record voice and music both.
Would you PLEASE clarify this? I am desperate for a solution!
This just can’t be that difficult. Can it?
Anxious for your reply.

St. Paul, MN

Well, that’s lovely, Lukas, then can you or anyone help me find why it ISN’T recording? Only the music is being recorded. I know it SHOULD work Lukas, but it isn’t working.
My Blue Yeti mic is recognized by the MacBook but is not being recorded. Is there a SETTING somewhere that is wrong? Can you or anyone suggest something I can try?
Is there anyone on this forum that can try recording voice AND music together and tell me your settings? PLEASE folks, I really need an answer and a solution to what should be a simple fix. Anyone?? Please try a recording yourself directly into your Mac and tell me the result and all your settings. PLEASE!
And thank you!

Yes, the mic is activated.
I’ve tried everything several times. Even tried a different Mac - same result. No voice gets recorded.
Jumping off a bridge is my only remaining option.