Help setting beat grids

When trying to set beat grids, it jumps from the about 3/4 of the way through the beat to just past the point of impact which makes mixing songs together impossible . If I try and set it at the point of impact the “set grid” button becomes unelectable. Even after hitting “set grid” then “reset grid”. How can I set my grids so that my songs mix perfectly?

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for contacting us.

I’m not sure if I understand the situation completely. If possible, can you please make a video recording showing the problem? Thanks!

Yes, it’s definitely because your screen is broken!

:smiley: just kidding.

You can only set the downbeat on a “beat grid point”, meaning that djay automatically snaps to the nearest one.

Do you mean that “Perfect Sync” shuts off at some point?

When you initially try to sync the songs, does the sync button light up in blue?

Hey warren, sorry for the delay I was unaware you responded. Here’s the video you asked for. Sorry for it being blurry but you can still clearly the yellow line underneath the red line and see that I’m unable to set the grid to the red line where I want it. It just overrides my choice and puts it where it wants. And before you say “it’s because your screen is broken” or “you need to update your ios”, this happened before ios 7 came out and it also happens with my new iphone which is in perfect condition and has the most current ios.

That makes sense but even after syncing the bpm and setting the grid the songs I mix don’t mix in time. I’ve tried adjusting the bpm to slightly slower and faster and they still go out of time. Even if I tap on the “platter” it just goes back to what the beat grid has set which wasn’t a problem I had with version 1 of the app.

I didn’t think of it like that but yeah I guess you could call it that. I know nothing is perfect and there’s always room for error but the songs will mix perfectly in time for 3 or 4 beats and then start to go way out of synch. After this starts to happen I’ll lightly touch the “platter” and get them back in time with each other only to have them go back out of synch again 3 or 4 beats later.

I believe so, I’ve also tried adjusting the bpm manually to the same bpm and a decimal or two before and after the target bpm to see if that would help and it didn’t. I will double check when I have a few moments to play with it and shoot another video using both preset beatgrids and manually set beatgrids

I have several newly made high quality 2015 beatport EDM tracks that must change tempo or go out of beat during the break. They come back in at exactly the same bpm as the beginning of the song but now the beat grid is off. I know how to manually adjust the beatgrid and I have lined it up with the first half of the song but now the second half of the track is out off beat. If I change the beatgrid to match the second half of the song then the first half is off beat.

Is there a way to match the first half of the song and then match the second half of the song and let the grid split the difference and average it out during the break? If this is not possible is it at least possible to beatgrid the first part of the song and then beatgrid the second part of the song after the break? Maybe I could just tell it where to make a distinct change and then back.