Help- Split Output plays both tracks on speaker and headphones

I have just upgraded to the paid service of DJay. Im using an Andriod Samsung S5. I also went to the local PC store and picked myself up Stereo Y Cable splitter.

Now when I plug this all together and turn on split output I get both songs playing out of my speaker and headpones even when the master is set to only one side. Ive tried switching around the cables and turning off Mono Audio in my phone settings.

Whats going wrong here? is it because I need a Mono Audio splitter instead of a Stereo one?? Would love some advice so I can sort this out and get into mixing all my Spotify playists ive been collecting!

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Hey Lee Armitstead,

yes you need a stereo -> 2 mono chanel splitter in order to generate another channel.
We suggest using the Griffin Splitter Cable.

Cheers,Lukas E.

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An update for anyone that finds this thread in the future. You definitely need a mono audio splitter. I ended up buying the Griffin cable that Djay kept recommending. It ended up taking 12 business days to get to me in New Zealand. the product its self is durable and works well. I’d recommend it as it’s a small price to pay to be able to DJ properly.

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