help to choose Sound interface

Which Sound interface for 2 channel output to external mixer Ipad pro 12.9"
I am looking for this, and only ond i see is compatible in the manual is the Traktor audio 2, but this is discontinued.

Pleace a link to a model that fits :slight_smile:

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Generally, every class-compliant sound interface work with your iOS device.

Finding the right controller/audio device to fit your needs is highly dependent on personal preference and individual variables. To help get you started, you can find updated lists of all of our natively supported controllers and hardware partners here on our website:

In the end, the choice is yours as it really just depends on your individual needs and how you would like to use the controller paired with djay. But it will be much easier to set things up via plug and play if you choose a controller that is already natively supported.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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The iPad Pro 12.9" uses a lot more power than the smaller iPads and iPhones, so you might need to use a USB Hub to get it working correctly with standard DJ controllers (or you’ll get the dreaded “this device uses too much power” message).

For Example:
The DJ2GO2 Touch works perfectly with my small iPhone and iPad (with Apple’s Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter). But when I plug the DJ2GO2 Touch into my older 12.9" iPad Pro, I get the message “device uses too much power”. The DJ2GO2 Touch will work with the iPad Pro 12.9" but only if I plug it into a USB hub.

This is that the USB chain looks like:
[DJ2GO2 Touch → USB Hub → Lighting/USB3 Adapter → iPad Pro 12.9"]

Older Reloop iOS controllers like the MIXON 4, Mixtour and BeatPad2 work great/directly with the 12.9" iPad Pro, but they use a proprietary iOS Lightning cable that’s really hard to find outside of Europe and Japan. In the USA, the cable can be found for around US$80. I had to buy backup iOS Lightning cables through a Japanese store to get a decent price!!!

Reloop iOS Lightning Cable

BUT!!! I am happy with my iPad Pro + Mixtour rig, now that I bought 2 extra iOS Lightning cables, which should last me until the Mixtour dies.

NEWER Reloop DJ Controllers like the Buddy and Ready have fixed the cable/power issue and can power the iPad Pro 12.9" directly with a standard USB/Lightning cable. The Buddy and Ready also support the newer USB-C iPads.

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