Help with Denon MC-6000 mk1

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Hi I’m using a current Mac mini M2 and I cannot get any sound through my Denon controller with Djay Pro even though all is selected correctly and all functions work. All is fine with other software though, can anyone give me some guidance?. Thanks

Hi @Ivorthedj,

  1. Please share the specific OS version and djay version you are using as requested in the template.
  2. Within djay, navigate to Settings>Audio Devices and share a screenshot of these settings.

Hi thanks for the reply, I’m on 5.1.3 and the Mac is on Sonoma 14.2.1 and here is the screenshot off the settings.


Hi @Ivorthedj, thanks for the additional information. Please try switching to Internal Mixer Mode and let me know if that solves your issue.

Have just tried that but nothing.Thanks

Hi @Ivorthedj,

  1. Please disconnect all cables and adapters from your Mac and DJ Hardware.
  2. Close djay and all other applications on your Mac.
  3. Restart your Mac.
  4. Connect the power to your MC6000
  5. Connect the USB cable from you MC6000 to your Mac and power up the MC6000
  6. Launch djay on your Mac
  7. Confirm that the Mixer Mode is set to Internal
  8. Retest to see if the sound output is now working.
  9. If not, please share another screenshot of your audio devices settings with Mixer Mode set to Internal.
  10. Please also share a screenshot of your MIDI Devices settings page.
  11. Try using a different USB cable.