Help with Rane one

Hi everyone. Whilst I was waiting for my reloop mixon8, there was a special going on with the rane one so, I thought what the hell let me take it. Just a couple of issues. Are there any particular mapping files that you guys can recommend. For example, the effects buttons are not mapped at all. Secondly, I notice when using the platters deck 1 has complete control of the track for example, when one is queueing up a track and presses the queue button and hold down the deck. The song is completely silent until releasing the platter Dexk 2 on the other hand, even though the deck is being held down, the Somg will still start, and the deck doesn’t have complete control of the track

Hello i use the Rane 1 often for gigs and this does not sound like normal behaviour in regards to effects. FX buttons 1 2 3 activate on deck one. FX buttons 4 5 6 only activate on deck 2. I dont quite understand what your second issue is. I am happy to help if you could provide a video of the issue. I would suggest reinstall your DJ Pro AI software. Everything worked perfectly for me strait out of the box and has done for over a year.

Hi as I explained
If you press the play butten and hold the jog wheel the song will still play but on deck 1 it will only play if you are not holding the wheel.

The effect buttons do not work but I think I will make a video

Ok the jogs were just a tension issue and I cannot replicate the issue however the affects are just not working. When I go to mapping and press any of those buttens they don’t even register but the lights come on. Only the top butten in the above picks up but it is unconfigured

I see this was posted before

Here is an example of one of my issues

Check and see if slip mode is activated. It allows you to scratch while keeping the original playback position of the track.

Looks like slip mode is active.

Hi there this is not my video, but something I found on YouTube illustrating the problem. Hitting the start button does not stop the track if one is holding the platter. Only on deck 2

May be I need to send the dev teem an email as they have not responded yet. Despite me getting another. Midi file to test
The 6 effects buttons are not mappable. At least I can use them now though.

Hi there Devs and staff can I please get some response to this

Hello, sorry I can see this is not normal behaviour of the software with this equipment. If possibe try your Rane One on a Macbook and even try it on other software to check the equipment is not at fault.

I honestly don’t think it’s a hardware issue and I will definitely tested out on other software as well