Help with Vestax Spin and Djay - Mouse & Drag and Drop not working

for some reason i cannot drag and drop music from itunes to the deck. the record snaps back when i release the mouse. am i doing something wrong? also the mouse won’t control anything except the fader. i thought you could adjust everything with the mouse in djay? i can only slide the fader back and forth with the middle button. i’m using an apple magic mouse. the mouse won’t click on anything on the decks, it works below in the in the library but not above on the decks. how are you supposed to control djay without a mouse? please help

and lastly is there anyway to change the library view in djay 4, can’t you move it over to the side where it used to be?

i’m using the newest version of djay on a imac 27

Hi Cory,

I am merging this topic with a similar one.

This issue occurs with an outdated Lion version. Please click on  and run “Software Update…”.

By the way, the library view cannot be changed.