Help !!!

Help !!! I have a serius problem with a new version djay 2 2.5.7 No work crash on my ipad and I have a party this friday 12 June !, Help me please

Update your system.

Then let us know how it works.

There is nothing rushed with this company. They do it right and sometimes that will take some time.

i have same problem after downloading this new version tried LE version and it worked , please help us ! i use it on ipad 3 with ios 7.1.2

and you probabbly mean the latest version of djay 2 which is 2.7.6

awsome , downloading the update now ;))

I think its better to share youre specs, witch ipad, ios, controller, djay.
Just screaming help, won’t do you any good.

Using the latest ios might help by the way.

Lol, admit you are wrong on this one / look down :slight_smile:

This problem only persists on iOS 7. We are aware of it. Our developers are already working on the fix which will be submitted as soon as possible.

We kindly ask for your patience until the update is available. We’ll do our best to make djay 2 working on iOS 7 again, quickly.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Hi everyone!

You can now update djay 2 to version 2.7.7 at the iOS App Sore, which will fix the launch crash on iOS 7,

Use iPad 2 iOS 7.1 but monday it’s work 2.5.6 !

Work !!! New sistem !!! Grazie

I have the same issue.
I have an ipad 2 ios7. Updated Dj2 to version 2.7 6 and the app will not open.
I deleted and reinstalled. Still no go

Please hurry. Luckily I have no gig this weekend but I have a wedding next weeked.

Thanks. Fixed. Appreciate the responsiveness of the action to rectify.

Just to complete the picture though, is there any explanation as to how the update was able to be released with this type of error? What will be done to prevent it happening in the future?

And perhaps more importantly, what is the policy for keeping the app working with iOS7 … presumably it won’t be retained forever (and we users have a responsibility to keep our systems up to date to a point - eg iOS8). Would be nice to understand the plan (rather than have to react when it no longer works and the only solution will be to upgrade in a rush). :slight_smile: