Hercules DJ console 4-MX mapping not complete

Is there a better mapping for the Hercules DJ console 4-mx? djay recognized the controller but not all the buttons work. Only one deck is completely mapped for play, stop, cue and wheel. The rest is not mapped. Nor are the effects and its parameter controller. I know I can do the map myself, but it’s confusing, plus since I paid for the software because it said it supported the 4-mx controller I think algoriddim should have an updated map for the controller.

I am having an issue with this controller not responding on some button presses. I have to press 3 or 4 times in order for the action to take place. This really throws my timing all over the place. Using the same controller with virtual DJ it never misses any button press at all. This issue make the controller unusable with djay.

In my case getting a better quality USB cable fixed the responsiveness issue. I still have to work only in 2 deck mode, and I had to map all the functions manually but at least is usable now with the new cable.

Hi Alvaro,

Sorry to hear that. Which djay version are you using? Please open “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu and make sure that “Built-in” mapping is selected. Also, make sure to download the latest driver for your controller:

Did you install the latest driver for your controller? As an experiment, please see if the same issue occurs with the MIDI Monitor app: http://www.snoize.com/MIDIMonitor/

I’m also having the same problem. :frowning: MBP/ Hercules 4-Mx


Make sure you have kept the standard MIDI mapping in DJConsole 4-Mx control panel.

  • MIDI Channel: 1-2
  • Deck mode: 4 decks

Any News here?
I also have the 4-mx and it doesn’t work good…

Effects, Hot Cue, loops do not work in Hercules 4-Mx and Djay MAC pro.
These buttons deck should work exactly like Virtual DJ or Tracktor.
I do not know why it does not work, since I have the latest firmware, and both sites indicates that supports all driver options.

I noticed on the support site for the 4mx that they are aware of the recent issues, if they are fixing this issue is another story. virtual dj 7 le works great with it if you can find an old version.

I have tried all avenues and its just not wanting to work. I have even tried to map it myself and even tried making a script to help map the controls. I have not checked if there is an update.
Shorter, shielded usb cables will increase response time. it really means nothing if you cant use half of the controller.

Are any mods monitoring this thread? I bought the 4-mx because it’s on the supported hardware list on the Algoriddim website. It says that dJay will automatically map ALL functionality. Will this be fixed??

Still no full support for this… decks 3 and decks 4 dont work…

All empty in mapping

Hi Joe,

the 4 MX is natively supported by djay Pro. Have you checked if your drivers are up to date? How is the software behaving if you connect your controller to your Mac.

Lukas E.

Hey Francois,

thank you for your post. Please note that djay Pro has the mapping included.

Cheers,Lukas E.


Hercules has released a mapping for DJ Console 4-Mx in DJay Pro in November 2016. You can download it from https://support.hercules.com/en/produ… in the section MIDI mapping, it control Djay pro in 4-deck mode.

Hi Lukas,

Thank you for your message.

Indeed, Djay Pro already includes a mapping for DJConsole 4-Mx, but as it is the mapping written for Djay app, so it still works in Djay Pro but it controls 2 decks as DJay app was a 2-track mixing app. The built-in mapping file size is a 23,424 bytes file.
The mapping on Hercules support website was written specifically for Djay Pro, so it controls 4 decks, and the file size is 45,435 bytes.

The situation is the same for Hercules DJ 4Set:

  • the mapping file included in Djay Pro comes from DJay, so it controls only 2 decks. This mapping file size is 18,305 bytes.
    Hercules support website has a mapping file controlling 4 decks on https://support.hercules.com/en/produ… and whose size is 28,349 bytes.



Hello Benoit,

To use DJ Console 4-Mx in 4-deck in Djay pro Windows, download the Mac mapping file from
unzip and and copy the file
Hercules Dj Console 4-Mx 2.djayMidiMapping
in the folder C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Algoriddim.djayPro_1.0.26471.0_x86__ysvet2nbq0e5e\MIDI Mapping

Hi im having the hercules 4mx 4 deck and im searching for the mapping with djay pro under windows 10