Hercules DJ Console Mk4


I have a Hercules DJ Console Mk4 controller and I see that they are on the supported list of MIDI devices for the DJAY app.

Question is, how do I connect my iPad to my controller so I can control DJAY from my Hercules controller.



Hi Michael,

Please note that the Hercules DJ Console MK4 is only supported by djay Pro (for Mac). 
It is not supported by djay 2 (for iOS).
Sorry for that…

Hi Djseed,

did your software also shut down?

Are your cables ok?
Does this happen often?

my hercules dj4set just stop responding in the middile of my set

Adrian and on DJAY PRO FOR IPAD is supported???

I purchased Djay Pro for my iPad Pro 2018 with usb-c. I connected my Hercules Dj Console Mk4 and the application recognized the console in the audio section but can not find it in the midi section. the sound comes out regularly but you can not use the fader controls, change track, treble, mids and lows etc … How come?
I have also imported the midi mapping from the Mac version of Djay Pro both via Airdrop to iPad and via cable with iTunes.