Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 500 vs Pioneer DDJ-FLX4

Looking to buy a controller for djay Pro, I was looking at either Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 500 or Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 ? Open for new suggestions also, but in that price range, can be used. Any tips ?

I will be using djay pro on a macbook / mac osx

There are a few things to consider here but both are solid choices so you can’t go wrong much.

  • Inpulse 500 is bigger and heavier than DDJ-FLX4: 3.2kg / 542 x 296 x 70 mm (Inpulse 500) vs 2.1kg / 482 x 272.8 x 59.2 mm (DDJ-FLX4)
    • This makes the Inpulse 500 feel “more pro” and gives its components more space but makes the DDJ-FLX4 considerably easier to transport
  • Inpulse 500 has RGB pads which are quite a nice addition
  • Inpulse 500 FX unit is less fully-featured and shares space with filter

You need to figure out what compromises you’re willing to make :grinning:

Pros of Inpulse 500:

  • unbalanced 1/4" outputs
  • AUX IN (RCA and 3.5mm)
  • balanced MIC IN
  • feet to raise it up
  • slightly sturdier build
  • USB-B connection

Pros of FLX4:

  • djay iOS friendly (convenient backup and charges iOS device)
  • USB-C connection
  • similar button layout to Pioneer club gear

FWIW - I use the FLX4 because I like being able to use both djay macOS and iOS, but, added an external mixer to get the better audio jacks and AUX IN. Plus, the FLX4 layout makes it easier for gigs with in-house Pioneer gear.


I prefer the Inpulse 500. The colored performance pads alone are worth it, both for the DJ for better orientation and visually for the audience. The White Edition is particularly recommended from this point of view.
@djjoejoe Even if the Flx4 is somewhat lighter and smaller, the Inpulse 500 is still very compact and not significantly heavier to transport in my opinion.
@Michael_Wisniewski The Flx4’s USB C port may seem like a good idea at first glance, but in practice it doesn’t offer any advantages. Yes, you can also charge your smartphone or tablet this way, but you can also connect the charger to one of these devices and the controller will be supplied with power via it. Ultimately, you don’t save any cables or power supply units. In addition, the cable is quite easy to pull out. Depending on the location and accessibility by guests, this can sometimes be a disadvantage.
I also use an external mixer, but this is generally independent of the controller used. In this respect, I would like to agree with this recommendation, at least for the mobile DJ.

Both controllers are good devices in this segment with largely comparable features. In the end, a decision like this is primarily a question of personal preference. If you value the standard club layout, the Flx4 is of course the first choice. Overall, however, I think you get more for your money with the Inpulse 500.


I purposefully did not take a side on this and instead provided numbers so anyone reading can come to their own conclusions.

Again, I think both are solid choices. I own a FLX4 and have performed with it in public multiple times so I’m very happy with this purchase :slight_smile: At a gig last weekend, we were three different DJs and because the booth was very small, I was happy that the FLX4 is also quite small, any additional centimeter would have made my situation worse. In the future, I hope I can upgrade to a bigger controller again but I know that I’ll always keep a small controller like the FLX4 around just because it’s so convenient and still fully featured.

PS: I also thought the RGB pads would make a bigger difference but I’m more fine without them than I had anticipated.


I agree, like so many things, it’s also a question of habit.


I appreciate all the insightful responses! Thank you! I’ve been a DJ for five years, relying predominantly on the interface of my MacBook. Automix plays a significant role in my gigs, particularly for corporate events, weddings, and similar engagements. If you have any further advice or insights, I’m all ears! If it is better controllers or setups, let me know :slight_smile:

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Tested Reloop Buddy, Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 and DDJ-FLX4.

Reloop Buddy had noise in outputs, Traktor Kontrol had problems to connect, DDJ-FLX4 worked out of the box with all of my iOS and macOS devices.

Greetz Chris