Hercules DJcontrol Mix Bluetooth connectivity issue

Hi everyone,

I have purchased a DJcontrol mix for DJing from my android devices. I can get this unit to connect to my phone and work as expected via Bluetooth.

I have also recently purchased a new tablet to do the same - I needed a bigger screen!

I can goto the settings/midi/scan for new BT devices and see the DJCONTROL MIX in the list.

If I tap on it on my tablet, it will not connect. It just sits there with the spinning circle and never connects.
I can load the app on my phone and it will connect in about 1 second

I have tried pairing the device with the tablet, resetting the tablet, rebooting the controller - all the usual things.
I have downloaded a couple of BLE testing apps and they can see and connect to the controller with no issues.

I was a member of the DJAY beta program, but I have removed myself, uninstalled and it still doesn’t work.

Here is my tablet info (from inside of the app)

App: djay 3.1.4(51053)
Device: Blackview Tab 8 WiFi
Language: English
MIDI Devices: ------------- (the issue!)
OS: Android 12
Product: fullapp

My phone is Android 10 and I don’t have any other A12 devices to test on them.

Anyone have any ideas?

Looks like it was a tablet issue.
Returned it and bought a samsung - connected right away no issues :slight_smile:

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