Hercules DJControl MP3 LE

Anybody else using djay with the MP3 LE yet?

just got mine today and have done some basic playing around mapping the keys. so far everything seems to be working but no lights are coming on with the buttons.

does this have to do with it not being a directly supported controller?

ahhhhhh, i had not thought of that. my first controller was lightless & while i tried a buddy’s mixtrack out & the lights worked, guessing cuz they were predefined.

i think i have tweaked one advanced setting before but had forgotten about them.

many thanks :smiley: i’ll report back.

ok hotshot :wink: that worked, but how bout this one…

anyway to have buttons other then the play button blink based on time left of a deck? change the value for when the play button starts blinking e.g. at a minute rather then 30 secs?

Hi Mizell,

Have you tried the “Advanced” options? In the configuration window, select “Show Advanced Options” and try enabling “MIDI Out” for the respective buttons.