Hercules hardware support?

Hi Algoriddim Team,

Are the Hercules controllers (Starlight, Inpulse 200/300(/500 maybe) supported on the latest Android djay Pro? If not, will it be available (and when)?

Many thanks!

same Prob ihave too…

Hi guys,

Thanks for requesting the addition of these controllers to djay for Android. I’d like to point out that we are currently working on several improvements to the Android app. These controllers would definitely be a good addition to the list of Android controllers supported on Android.

We kindly ask for your patience while we work on these improvements.

Thanks for your understanding.

Cheers, G

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Many thanks for the answer, Guillermo, truly appreciate it. Do you have at least a rough ETA on these improvements? Just asking, no push intended.
I miss especially the Starlight, since it could make a really good ultramobile kit paired with djay and Android.

I see the new Hercules DJControl Mix is supported now. Does this mean other Hercules controllers get support soon?

I have a Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 300 since nearly two years.
Now i was searching for a opportunity to use this with a chromebook.

Your software is great and i am using it for about half a year on windows but now i figuerd out that there is no native support in the android app for the Inpulse 300.
It’ll be great if you can add this :slight_smile:

Does (or will) the Android version of DJay support “Midi Learn” for DIY mapping of any controller ?