Hercules inpulse T7 support

It has been impossible for me to make the jog wheels work properly, Do you have any idea how to configure them correctly?

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Hi @Carlos_Gonzalez, I don’t have access to a T7 so unfortunately I can’t give you any tips on the jog wheel mapping.


Thank you for your swift reply @Slak_Jaw
Much appreciated.

I would be most grateful if you could answer these quick question:

  1. Is there a difference in features available between running Djay on an iPad, or an iPad Pro?

  2. Is Djays Midi Mapping function a feature on both Mac and iOS versions of the software?

Thanks in advance.

You’re welcome @Stuart_Burton.

  1. Yes, there are some differences between the macOS and iOS versions of djay. I recommend you refer to the user manuals for each to understand some of the differences.
  2. MIDI Mapping works on both macOS and iOS versions of djay.

Still Hoping & Dreaming this comes true one day


2 months later, any official announcements likely soon ?


Any news on T7 support yet @Slak_Jaw

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Just when I thought this controller couldn’t get any better…:astonished::astonished::astonished:

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Its really nice… :grin::grin::grin:… I have also joined this thread… Im waiting for the support…:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Just purchased the T7 along with the Innofader, should be here on Wednesday. I guess I will have to subscribe to Serato DJ Pro for now. Keeping my fingers crossed that DJAY PRO support will come soon enough. :crossed_fingers:


Well done Algoriddim
Just watched your video announcing the latest updates… rushed to the website to check the list of supportet controllers and you’ve f****Ng done it!!!

Native support for the Hercules Inpulse T7

I honestly cannot thank you enough for this… you’ve really restored my faith in Algoriddim as a company that listens to their community.

I cannot sing your praises high enough right now.
Huge thanks and respect going out to @Slak_Jaw for supporting us on this thread, and pushing our request to the right people.


Yeah baby. Enjoy man. Im loving Rev 5 update. Awesome

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@Raymond_S Soon enough is here!!


Amazing news !! Sick and tired of Seratos shonky beat grids, Algoriddim just locks in the groove every time…:facepunch::smiley::facepunch:


Hi everyone,

We’re happy to announce that in today’s v5.2 update for djay on Mac, iOS, and Windows, the T7 is now supported.

For more information, please click the link below.

Have a nice day!


CleanShot 2024-07-02 at 09.50.29

Dreams do come true.
Thank you Algoriddim.

I can’t believe the timing. I ordered the T7 on Sunday, it will be here tomorrow, and today there is a 5.2 update which includes support for the T7… unbelievable. No longer need to subscribe to Serato Pro.

Now back to watching the 5.2 update video.


You’re welcome @Raymond_S

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Can anyone report on the accuracy of the official mapping in the new 5.2 version?

Been meaning to grab a T7 for a while, but wanted to know if the jog’s are spot-on, with no drift/latency etc. when scratching, or if there’s any other issues with integration with DJay?

I tested it, and it feels more accurate then rane one.
Rane one feels better on serato then djay pro.
But Hercules for me it feels better on djay pro then serato.
No Drifts so far detected.

I tested this on MacOS

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@NathanielAlgo @Slak_Jaw
Every Algoriddim team member needs to watch this video from Phil Morse at Digital DJ.

He gives some amazing feedback, and I can even quote him as saying “this is the best DJ software in my view”

Every member of the Algoriddim team could take something away from this video, to drive Algoriddim to even greater success.

Everyone is rooting for you guy’s… we’re all sick of the Pioneer/Alpha-Fetus domination.

If we must have a Pioneer/Alpha-Fetus setup in every club and venue in the universe, let’s make it so DJ’s can just plug in their Phone/Tablet/Laptop into any setup, and seamlessly mix into the previous DJs last tune.

And here’s the dream…The next DJ plugs their Phone/Tablet/Laptop into the setup, and Djay software links and syncs the two devices so the DJs can once again seamlessly handover to eachother (Ableton Link might be a good standard for manufacturers to follow)

This is how you will takeover…when DJs realise they’re not handcuffed to Rekordbox!!!

I wish you guys all the best.