Hercules inpulse T7 support

I know it was just announced and isn’t out yet, but it would be awesome if Algoriddim could look into supporting this controller if it’s class compliant. It would be great to have another motorized platter option, especially an affordable one like this.

Edit: Hercules said on their Instagram account that it is a class compliant device! So there is hope.


I am super interested in this too. This would be the perfect on the go scratch controller and def would replace my pt-01.


Also waiting…thinking about getting that t7 in July


This controller is a game changer and is going to be the hottest selling controller this year.

You need to support this Algoriddim, or users who purchase this device will migrate to Serato.


Do you have one? Is it using the encoder method or timecode method for platter control? If it is the encoder method, is it mappable via midi or does it require gif implementation?

No. I don’t have one yet, so unfortunately I’m unable to answer your questions.

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts regarding djay natively supporting the T7 controller.

We’d love to see everyone vote on this topic so that it may gain greater traction within the community.

At this time, our engineering team is aware that this is a new controller request, and we look forward to updating all of you should we have new info to share.

Thanks, all!


What does everyone think about the upcoming Hercules DJ Control Inpulse T7? Will it be supported? I use the Rane One and it is fantastic with DJ Pro AI. I do like the idea of a small portable version.


Hi @SamJam,

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

There is currently a topic addressing native support for the T7, which I will merge this thread with for better community management.

Be sure to vote on said topic to increase its relevance. Thanks!


Algoriddim should do some sort of deal to get advertising for DJ Pro AI into the box of this device like they did with the ddj-200.


Voted. :slight_smile: smile 20 characterss


Not long now…great review by Mojax and Innofader have confirmed they will be producing a 3-fader replacement, drop-in solution for $149

This is definitely one for the turntablists with the Innofaders on board.

Come on Algoriddim!!! Everyone is gutted that Pioneer have bought Serato.
This is the opening you need to get Serato users to convert to Algoriddim DJ.

To be able to use the Hercules Inpulse T7 with an iPad or iPhone would be off the scale awesome.

It even has pads/buttons labeled ready for stems!!!

Algoriddim seriously need to map this and make it native out the box.


I too would like to see native support for the T7. I had some hands on with the unit at NAMM and was very impressed. Seems like a great fit for djay Pro AI.


I’ve been using the InPulse 500 for a little over a year now. And it wasn’t without its flaws out of the box. Technically it worked, but there were some workarounds to map. I’m guessing since DVS is already integrated, it shouldn’t be too difficult to map.


I almost bought this controller because I loved getting my hands on it at DJX this week. The only thing holding me back is native Algoriddim support. The Hercules reps both told me it’s not them, it’s Alogoriddim. Invite that the developers start working on this ASAP.

Also, in addition to the innofader drop in (which the rep told me will be $80) hercules does plan to release a 2.0 version with a better crossfader.

I’m far from a scratch professional, but friends who were loved the feel of the platters and said the fader was the only thing this controller is lacking.


Really looking forward for this, I’ve already pre-ordered it.


Once this one gets algoriddim support, I’ll be hitting that order button.


I’m waiting for this also. Algoriddim seem to have a good relationship with Hercules. I have the Djcontrol Mix but capacitive jogs are not my thing.

Maybe by Xmas lol

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+1 on this.

Just pre-ordered one banking on the fact that DJay will support it eventually (hopefully sooner than later)

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@ios_portablist personally, I would caution against buying any new hardware right now in hopes that official support will be coming soon. Algoriddim, unfortunately, is very far behind on support for a lot of the new hardware right now. IMO it’s best to stick with stuff that’s already on the list:

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