Hercules inpulse T7 support

Love your videos Terry. Hope your platform can help expedite support. I just installed my Innofaders and I don’t even think I’m good enough to appreciate the upgrade yet. Just an old head that’s had 12s since 96 and wanted something portable to practice cutting. Non rotating platters just didn’t do it for me and regardless what anyone says, T7 is literally a perfect machine for me. Having this great software on iPad makes it just that much more portable (would be super sweet if it could be powered over USB-C as well but I realize the motors probably run on AC).

For the love of all that is holy make this outstanding software work with iPad, especially now with the Apple Music support.

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If they could just add midi mappings for the spinning platters we could make our own unofficial mappings until they can put out the official certified ones. I’d rather have a workaround even if it’s buggy than no support at all.


Hercules Inpluse T7 Please!!!


I ended just buying an impulse 500 for djay and it actually works rather well, and its affordable, (no spinning platters though) still wishing on a start for the T7 lol,


What I don’t get is why the Rane One has full support, it’s a very similar controller from a functional perspective.


I think that’s why they haven’t done T7 support yet, I think the Reloop relationship could be dragging that to happen.

I’m new to Djay pro, but… can we take scripts from other controllers to import them in our own unofficial mappings? maybe could we take the spinning platters mapping from the Rane One to get a full working T7 mapping?