Hercules Jogvision Djay Pro Mapping

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I can make my Hercules DJControl Jogvision works with Djay

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I did, and it works pretty well. I will share my mapping later on today.

As promised, here is a link to my first revision of a Hercules Jogvision mapping:


Unfortunately, I could not figure out how to map LEDs, so the Jogweels are not lit on which is sad since it is one of the nice feature of the Jogvision!, but that will be the topic of another post since nobody seems to figure out how to map LEDs with Djay!!!

Enjoy !!!

Will the Jogvision ever be natively supported? It seems like a great controller for its pricepoint and I’m very tempted to buy one, however not being able to use the LED jog displays is absolutely a dealbreaker as for me it’s the main selling point! Would love to see this fully supported, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Pretty please!?

Hi there,

have you tried the djay Pro midi learning feature in order to map the Hercules Jogvision?

Thank you in advance.


Lukas E.


A mapping of DJay Pro for DJControl Jogvision is on Hercules support website, in the Midi mapping area. It activates the in-jog display.

Native support would be better. You can’t get the VU meters working with the mapping.