Hercules RMX2 and DJay Pro mapping


I’ve installed the latest drivers for my RMX2 and enabled jog wheels, cue etc in the RMX2 info panel, but, despite DJay Pro recognising it’s attached, and allowing me set it as an external mixer, it’s not actually working - buttons, wheels, mixer etc are unresponsive. No LED’s other than mode and jog wheel lights up.

Any suggestions?

The Hercules DJ Console RMX2 is natively supported by djay Pro, which is why you should be able to use all of its controls right after plugging in via USB.
(You need to use the “Internal” Devices settings though.)

Can you verify your controller isn’t broken?
Therefore, pleas download the app “Midi Monitor” and see if it responds to hitting controls on your Hercules DJ Console RMX2.