Hercules RMX2 midi mapping

I Know the RMX2 is old but… I’ve decided I need to get back on the decks and I use Spotify so worked out Djay was my best option for software, but I can’t get full functionality from the controller. the worst bit is the cross fader doesn’t work… any ideas or help…?

Spotify no longer works with djay. You’ll need to switch over to something like Tidal, SoundCloud or Beatport if you want to use streaming services.

As for your mapping issues, I can’t help you much there because I don’t have that controller. Here’s a MIDI mapping guide for MacOS though. It’s pretty easy once you get in a give it a try.


ok so after a little more investigation it seems that only two of the RMX2 functions have errors… I’ve got the monitoring working apart from the cue/mix pot but I can cope with that.

the problems I’ve got are:
Cross fader
Main out gain pot

I’ve played around with the midi mapping configured audio devices and nothing.

The cross fader is sending midi as it shows up on the midi map and is assigned as mixer -cross fader but it doesn’t do a thing.

The gain pot also registers on the midi mapping and is assigned as mixer - master level. but it doesn’t do a thing…

Any ideas welcomed. Hopefully it’s a very simple fix

@jiggyb since I don’t have the same hardware as you, it will be challenging to provide much more assistance. Also I don’t have access to my MacBook right now so I’ll be using my iPad and djay on iOS for reference, but here goes…


  1. Can you share a screen shot of the top section of the Settings window where it shows MAIN VOLUME (see image 1 below)?
    a. Does the volume on this screen change when you turn the master volume on your controller?

  2. Can you share a screen shot of the MIDI learn screen when you turn the master volume of your controller? Expand the Advanced Control Configuration section please.
    a. I’m not sure how your controller is configured, but with the Mixon 8 the master volume is not MIDI mapped in djay. It’s a hardware volume control not a software volume control.


  1. Can you share a screen shot of the MIDI learn screen when you move the cross fader of your controller? Again expand the Advanced Control Configuration section please (see image 2).
  2. Share a screen shot of the Settings->Sound menu. In particular I want to see what your cross fader curve settings are (see image 3)
    a. Does your controller have hardware controls for the cross fader? Does it also have cross fader channel assign switches? If so, ensure they are not set to THRU.

The last thing I would suggest is trying your controller with a different DJ software to confirm that the master volume and cross fader work there. If they don’t, then it’s likely a hardware problem and not a software problem.