Hercules Starlight and ipad


Looking for some compatibility support here.

I have an ipad pro 3rd generation (2018 model) running on the latest ios, the hercules starlight and the pro version of Algoriddim Djay. When I hook them all together, the lights all flash on the starlight and so it’s definitely powered but the software doesn’t seem to recognize the controller in the same way as when it’s hooked up to my mac.

Hercules site suggests the need for a ‘camera adapter’ DJAY - Hercules - Support website but that port doesn’t work with my ipad. I instead tried to use this 3rd party solution.

I wonder if the issue is because it is technically usb 3.1 and thunderbolt compatible rather than strictly usb 3 and usb-c only? Or maybe it doesn’t work because its not an official apple connector?

Either way, I’m hoping to get your help with what is the proper connector I need to purchase to make this setup work. Thank you for the help

Hi @Somalier,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

To answer your question, we recommend official Apple Certified adapters which offer the best method of communication and connectivity between devices.

We encourage you to give your configuration a try with an official Apple Adapter and verify if the issue then persists.

Feel free to reach back out with any updates!

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