Hercules Starlight controller crossfader doesn't work with DJay on iOS

Hi, just trying to get a portable setup going with DJay pro on iOS (an ipad pro) and a Hercules Starlight controller. The controller seems to function ok except for the crossfader. No effect.

Should the Hercules starlight (serato) controller work out of the box with DJay on iOS?

The controller does work great with Serato Pro on my mac, I just don’t want to lug the laptop to the beach. DJay pro on the iPad seems like a convenient alternative, would be nice to get the cross fader working.

any ideas appreciated.

@rnb I would start by checking the crossfader curve settings in djay. It’s possible you have it set to Cut instead of Default.

Next, I would check the MIDI Mapping.

  1. Go to Settings>MIDI Devices>Hercules DJControl Starlight>
  2. Once in here, move the cross fader on the controller and check the MIDI assignment. It should look something like this

Ah. Thanks. I didn’t dig that deep before. Strangely it worked after i rebooted/reconnected everthing. But then it happened again 1/2 hour later. I do see my settings the same as yours for midi crossfader settings. I think maybe i’ll see play with it some more to see if i can find a commonality when it works/doesn’t work. cheers man

If the problem is intermittent, I suggest you also try a different USB cable with ferrite chokes. External interference or simply poor quality cables have been know you cause intermittent issues like this. Have you noticed any audio drop outs?

I haven’t noticed any dropouts, but you have a good point with cabling. I’m using budget radio shack connectors and have already had to change out some cables. Do you know if the OEM cables that come with the retail device (usb) have the ferrite clamp? I have a sack with enough cables in it to strangle an octopus… there should be one in there.

@rnb I use DJ TechTools Chroma Cables: Chroma Cables: Audio Optimized USB Cables — DJ TechTools

You want ferrites on either end of the cable like shown below:

All of my controllers issues disappeared after factory midi reset in djay settings. Regularly I have to disconnect and reconnect cables if the devices have been sitting for a bit but I can now use the tools properly. Thanks for the help

@rnb you’re welcome. Glad you got it all sorted out.