Hercules Universal DJ full Midi-Mapping

Hi DJays,
I made a good working Midi file for the pretty cool Hercules Universal DJ that works well with both DJay and DJay Pro for MAC and also for Windows.
You can download it free at my site: http://www.bayer-edv.de/clients/hercu… including a detailed readme about my optimizations.

Here some things about my settings:
first of all, I set the jog-wheels to cue/search mode only, because I don’t scratch. But don’t worry, the scratch-mode MIDI is also in the ZIP file.

Additionally, I really get the VU-Meter to work (:-)) and permanently light up the main control buttons (SYNC/CUE/PLAY) dimmed when not active, otherwise bright blue, so they are more visible if it’s dark (Hercules own app DJuced40 did that in the new version also, seemed to be a good idea of mine).

Some more buttons and knobs are redefined according to the logic and functions of DJay itself, see more details in my notes I iwrote in the readme.txt in the ZIP download …

Maybe Algoriddim integrates Hercules’ Universal DJ themselve in the future, I would be very curious to see their Midi settings.

Feel free to give me a reply :wink:

Hi Jonas, that was tricky :wink:
I examined other midi config files and tested some of the keywords used there, if they also work in DJay. They do, and so I programmed the relating lines by hand. Fortunately DJay leave them untouched when using it’s midi edit functions.
If you compare your midi-file with mine, you will see the according lines for the VU-Leds.

very fine! Yes, I still use the controller and DJay, meanwhile on Windows 10.

how did you got the VU meters working?
i had a good midi mapping and changed it a bit to my personal taste but the VU meters don’t work

I liked your light scratch MIDI file so i changed that one to my personal taste. For example : you used beat loops for the sample pads and djay pro has 6 samples on each deck so i added my own samples there en changed the pads to these 12 samples. Do you still use djay ? And the controller?

Hola, espero puedas ayudarme. Tengo la Hércules universal dj y el mapping está en blanco, me descargue su archivo pero no consigo pegarla en la carpeta correspondiente, he hecho varias pruebas pero el mapping sigue vacio. Donde puedo pegar tus archivos para que me reconozca el mapeo. Tengo djay pro para Windows 10. Gracias!!!

Hi, thanks for your midi-mapping. Is it possible to config the Slider, so that he operates the same as the controller slider? On my version the slider just has 3 positions, left/middle/right but the in-between-position doesn’t get recognised. So for example i push the slider from the left a bit to the right, the slider in djay pro goes automatically to the middle and you hear the difference as well.