Hey guys I lost my license key.. need help please.

I had bought the djay app in 2011 summer time in that time you didnt need to go through macstore , but I had reset my macbook and now its all of a sudden linked with a macstore , I do not have a apple account is there a way of retrieving my license key through a email? like can they send me a email?

The same thing just happened to me. I have a serial # from the first time I purchased DJAY back in 2012. But for some reason I can’t find a confirmation email from the latest version I purchased with Spotify. I don’t what to do so I emailed support. = (

Hi Dave,

Please send an email to our helpdesk - support@algoriddim.com
Make sure to provide a list of email(s) you could have used for purchasing djay.

Btw I just need them to resend the license key to my email that was linked with it … is that possible?

hello dave how are you! my name is brian carter and my email is brian.carter93@yahoo.com and i need to re download djay again to my mack and i need the license key again. thank you

hello dave how are you doing,i got a new makebook pro and i have new one as well the older one. and i can’t use the older one unless i have the code so i can use it. i talk with apple about it and they said they not have the pass code so i can use the older djay. i like too use both djay as i once did please.

my name is moe i need the license key again my old mac died on me my email adress is moesr5150@yahoo.com,

hey my name is Eli also known as DJ C_1 the apple guys did a reset on my mac and i cant locate my key… need help

email is eshowe@me.com

could I get my license key too?



Christopher Ford

my computer broke that had djay on it, ive lost my serial key and i cant use full version of djay on my new mac what do i do?!

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broken computer, lose serial key :frowning:.

For any License Key issues, please directly contact “support@algoriddim.com”.
We’ll answer rapidly!

Hello My name is Antoine i misplaced my serial key


please help