Hi all! What's a a good controller with 2-4 mic inputs & DEF works with Djay? Always used Pioneer-just bought the DDJ SX3 but its a hot mess

Hi All! Anyone got a recommendation of a good controller with multiple inputs (ideally 4, min 2 for sax etc to plug into) and definitely works with Djay? I’ve always used Pioneer and just bought the DDJ SX3 but its a whole hot mess I’m about to send back. Budget not an issue (But I don’t want the really huuuuge controllers because of their size/weight) - I just need it to work flawlessly and natively. Was thinking about the Denon MC7000. But I think that’s only got 2 Mic inputs Any tips/ideas appreciated! Thanks

Won’t pre cue. Even with trying to manually map it. Seems like it’s quite a well established problem (not just me being an idiot!)

Hi guys,

External vs Internal is rather a topic of Hardware. Some devices only treat sound channel distribution internally (on device!!), which makes a communication and channel mapping by djay tedious and sometimes even not possible.

That being said, External Mixer mode is also guaranteeing a native support.

If you are experiencing any issues and have further questions please contact us right away.


Lukas E.

Hm, what’s the hot mess part about the SX-3 for you? I am using one with Djay Pro and Serato and it’s been quite the fun experience so far.

hm, not sure where the problem lies. Pre-Cueing works flawlessly as it should over here.

Just make sure to NOT change the Mixer Mode to INTERNAL, but instead leave it to EXTERNAL, the way DJay Pro sets it when starting up while the SX3 is attached and powered on.

Also make sure you have installed the Pioneer drivers.

And always restart the SX3 if you use any other DJ Software inbetween.

I admit that the ‘natively supported’ thing is misleading. (Is there even a definition as to what that even means? (It’s like ‘organic’, there’s no real definition for that either :-))

Not sure what you’re exact issue is though at this point apart from nomenclature?

The only thing that has been annoying about the lack of Internal Mixer mode with the SX-3 is that the Automix function doesn’t work (Which I can see how tats a deal breaker for many)

Hi Lucas:

Would you mind elaborating what your statement

‘external mode is guaranteeing a native support’


As from my previous post you could see that it is not supporting one of djay pro’s vital features: Automix and also struggles with erratic crossfader behavior.

Their is no point in using a controller if your using it as “external” mode. It is built to work as internal, which is what “native” supported controllers are suppose to do.

As the OP states, it is a recent issue with most of the flagship pioneer controllers. We just need to keep harassing algoriddim until they either publicly admit the problem or solve is quickly.

Hang tight and lets hope its fixed soon. I have the same issues with my SZ.