Hi how can I play the music from the Djay2 Ipad app on a Heos (sonos) device?

You can connect your Heos sound system via Bluetooth. djay 2 will automatically adopt that. However, Will is right, there’s a short time delay making real time mixing very hard.

you cant - you can set up with ipad air to sonos but from what I have hear there is a lag - which makes mixing real time harder to do

Ahhhhh so annoying! I got sold a Sonos connect for £349 as I was assured this was all I needed to connect my pioneer wego dj to my Sonos play 1’s & it still won’t play the app!!! Please help someone, I need this in my life. Can’t beat Sonos sound but this is making me want to sell them.

Can there not be some kind of sound latency setting built in to DJAY2 so that mixing can be done through SONOS? It would really be great if it could…

Even more annoying is that even if you use the line-in on a SONOS device, it goes to SONOSNET and still has the latency :frowning:

Can you explain how to set this up? I have people coming over and want to use it using me heos system. Thx

Any update on whether you can use Djay 2 on your iPad with Heos speakers?