Hi, i have a problem with loops in a song! If I shorten the loop while it is active, it is not in sync anymore. Anyone notice this too?

Within the 1st 8 beats, right?

No it’s usually from 32 to 16 or to 8

No, I shorten it while being within the time that I want to shorten it to. If I have a 16 beat loop and I would like to shorten it to 8, I do so within the 8 beats.
Speaking of loops, any idea when the beat pad 2 will be able to loop 16 or 32 beats?

Hi there,

are you shortening the loop while the the song is in the cut area, for example if you have a 8 bar loop and shorten the loop to 4 while being at bar 5?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Thank you Andi for the follow-up.

We are investigating the problem and will let you know if there is a solution to this problem.

Regarding the Beatpad 2 loop range, i pushed this topic internally but we can not say when this is going live.

Lukas E.

If you’re shortening the loop to less than 4 beats then the reasoning is mathematical