Hi is there anyway to get the waveforms on the display of xz

Anyway of get waveform on the display of XZ like Serato

Hey @Matt_Dusty_Deller ,

Thanks for posting this question here in the Community.

What MacOS device and version are you using? And what djay version?

And to confirm, are you referring to the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ controller?

Thanks in advance for the additional information. Cheers!

Hi I’m using MacBook Pro venture 13.2 and djay pro Ai version 4.1.5
And yes that’s the controller xz but with serato you have the track info on the main screen and the screens on the wheels on the controller would love it if I can do the same thing with djay cos I prefer to use Djay than serato

cheers dusty

djay does not currently support the main display on the Pioneer XDJ-XZ.

when will xz controller work with nobs screen and jog wheels ?
this is a issue that is taking a century .
virtual dj everything is working including stems …
I rather use djay ai but this is a dealbreaker .

Hey, @oreyanomatic - Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your first post.

If you’d like to see XZ jogwheel and display integration with djay, I highly encourage you to post this in our Suggestions section of the Community. This allows other users to vote for the same feature.

Feel free to reach out here in the Community if you have any further questions or suggestions, and have a great day!