HID Mode Mapping in djay Pro? (Traktor Z1)

Does djay Pro let us map a controller in HID Mode? There is support for HID Mode with Pioneer CDJs, but I don’t know if users can customize that.

I want to try to map the Traktor Z1 in HID Mode (and be able to turn ON the Volume Meter LEDs). Mixxx users have already mapped the Traktor Z1 in HID mode and put the code online. So I want to take the code and see if I can get the Z1 working in djay Pro (macOS / iOS). Would be amazing if this was working - especially on iOS.

GitHub - Mixxx HID Mode Maps for Traktor Devices


  • I have the Z1 MIDI mapped in macOS, minus the lights.
  • In iOS, the Z1 MIDI mode does not work.
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