Hide BPM information and or display precise pitch information and BPM information

Have the possibility to remove the BPM information.
It could be great to have the possibility to see pitch precision to 0,01 precision and to hide the BPM information.

Depending of your needs, these two are really needed features.

You want to learn djing, then hide the BPM information, you know how to beatmatch but you cannot do it without looking at the screen, hide also the BPM information.

But if you do a set without BPM information, you really need a precise pitch information, 0,1 precision is not enough.

These things are really needed in Djay pro.


Hi there,

thank you for your post. 
Can you tell us if you are tallking about djay Pro for Mac or iPad?
It would be great if other users “Me Too” your post in order to push the implementation of a more precise BPM info. 

An option to hide the BPM can be done manually by the users for training versions, please understand, that we want to keep the UI as clean and functional as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and sharing your idea.

Lukas E.

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Thanks for your reply.

More like a feature, disabled by default, but that could be a +.

Also more precise pitch information 128.00 instead of 128.0, same occurs for pitch information. Pitch information is not easily readable and not with 0,00 information.

All software i’ve tested (VDJ, Traktor,Cross, Blaze DJ, Serato DJ,Mixxx,) has that option.

Again, disabled by default but that you can enable if you want more info on your pitch and BPM information.

Select with more precision the pitch. (Djay pro PC version)

Dear Team,

Could you try to make this amelioration, have we any chance to have this ? as said before, in other software we can do this (for example, right click and choose the precision of selection of the pitch). For now I have many licence of software, Traktor, Virtual DJ and Now DJay Pro for Ipad. Your proposition to use songs files by spotify is a great idea but for the moment i can’t use this with all of the possibility because it is not really easy to manipulate because of the problem. And we cannot always use SYNC.

Thank you in advance for your help.