Hide jog wheels when in iDJ Pro controller

Hi, I’m using iDJ Pro and wonder why the jog wheels are visible on the ipad screen when it is placed in the controller. You have the hardware’s jog wheels and you could use the iPad screen for other functions.


I agree that there is much wasted space on the screen by putting the jog wheels on the screen. The extra screen space could be used for something more important such as a bigger Waveform .At least the option to hide them would be good

I also use Serato ITCH with my Numark NS7 but it’s on a bigger scale screen so this isn’t a issue in that scenario

I, too, vote for getting rid of the big disc platters on the iPad. It’s just quaint and, quite frankly, rather useless in a digital world.

The ideal design for me would be bigger, horizontal (parallel) waveforms (one on top of the other) that have beatgriding, markers for cue points and loops, and the kind of red alert near the end of the song that one finds in Traktor.