Hide Songs in the Cloud not working. (djay Pro AI)

I have the option turned on under Library settings within the app (version 3.7.5) with iOS v14.7.1 (Latest) to Hide Songs in the Cloud.

When I search for a song the iCloud version appears in the search results grayed out with a cloud icon over the cover art. Toggling the option on/off yields the same results. Looks like a bug to me. Help/guidance/workaround is much appreciated. Thank you.


Hey @Bill_Colletti,

It looks like you’re running an older version of djay for iOS. Make sure to update for the smoothest experience:)

That definitely looks like a bug :bug: I’ve reported this to our developers and they’ll look into this as soon as possible. I’ll keep you posted with any news about the development. Thank you for helping us improve djay!

Cheers, G

I’ll update the app. Thanks.

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