hide the library browser like in Djay 3?

why can’t I hide the library browser like in Djay 3 to use the fullscreen view as a more beautiful visual appearance in dark rooms like clubs?

Hi Alex,

This is currently not possible. I’ll change this thread into an “Idea”.

This is why I still use Djay3 and won’t migrate to version 4.

I have Djay open in one space, iTunes in another space (full-screen), and simply drag tracks from one space to another to load the decks. It was this integration with iTunes that attracted me to Djay over other products like Traktor.

As most dj booths have little space available and because I wan’t to cary as little weight as possible I now use a MacBook Air 11’’. The screen ratio means squashing everything onto a single space results in a cluttered look and can make it difficult to find tracks.

yes, I know… that’s why I also still use Djay3 on my Macbook to use it in a bar. Not as a dj, but to play playlists…
But I really don’t understand, why Djay4 can’t hide the library anymore, it’s really ugly in a dark room!