High cpu usage with djay pro 1.1 when spotify track loaded

I have just downloaded djay pro 1.1 and i noticed a very high cpu load when a track from spotify is loaded. After 30 sec the macbook air vent start to blow like crazy. It immediately goes down when i “eject” this track from the deck.
When i use local files (thanks a lot for the new file browser!) the cpu usage stays at a normal level.

I’ve noticed the same, playing from spotify sends the CPU load through the roof and processor temperature sky high.

It’s been slowly filtering into the app store - it arrived in the UK app store around 6pm on 24/04/15.

Yes, we considered your post immediately and fixed this. You’re welcome! Thank you very much for telling!

I have used the non app demo version until now. It uses an internal update notifier which also downloads updates. You can also downlaod the latest version from the website. I have just looked it up and version 1.1 is available at app store in germany.

I just read this at the app store for version 1.1.1 (from 2015-04-30):
“Fixed increased CPU usage when playing spotify songs”

And i tested it and can confirm the issue is resolved. Thanks!

It has been resolved already for me. The latest version doesn’t have a very high cpu load.

Where did you down load DJ PRO Version 1.1??

I went to Mac APP store and it only has DJ PRO VERSION 1.0.2 which I already have.

I want the new DJ PRO + VJAY VERSION 1.1

When I went to the Algorriddim website to see if can download there maybe it gave me a link to Mac APP STORE that I already went to with the old DJAY pro version 1.0.2

If you could answer this for me it might help out others that have the same problem.

Sorry for being off topic.



please, how have you resolved? thank you


I found the solution!

1/ Go to the applications folder
2/ Right click on djay Pro icon
3/ Show Information
4/ Take a pipe to “Show in low resolution”
5/ Run the program

This is nicely working for me, this resolution a bit ugly, but my mac cpu like it:)

I hope i could help

If you like’d to contact me: hegyi.nandi@gmail.com