High latency with Intel CPU tablet (Android)


I recently bought a new tablet running Android 4.4.2. I have just tried djay 2 on it, and it runs bad. The input delay is clearly noticeable.
I tried it on my phone, and it runs fine, but the screen is too small…

The tablet (ASUS Memo Pad 7 ME572C) is running Android 4.4.2 while the phone is running Android 4.3.
Both are using a quad-core processor, the tablet an Intel one (Intel Atom Z3560 @1.83 GHz) with a 1920*1200 resolution, and the phone a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (@ 1.2 Ghz, more common) with a 960*540 resolution…

Are optimizations coming for Intel CPU ?

Some news.

First I noticed that the tablet is not listed as compatible in the djay 2 Play Store page (I installed it via the Amazon App Shop). Maybe this is a reason.
And I also tried some other apps, and clearly noticed an awful audio delay too (maybe better than djay, but not good overall).

So I have to pray for updates from Asus and you :frowning: