High Precision Analysis for iPhone 4

I realize the High Precision Analysis requires a lot of processing power, but it is such a game changer with beat matching. In over a year of using djay, I’ve observed that a good beat match is about 20% likely without HPA. With HPA it’s nearly 100%; the exceptions being when songs start off with a different BPM than the rest of the song (not djay’s fault) or djay doesn’t get the right BPM (for example, it comes up with 95 BPM for Eric Prydz’s “Power Drive” instead of 126 BPM). The biggest reason for this disparity is that even though the song speeds are the same, the beats aren’t matched without HPA. Having the basses thump at the same pace but at half second off during an standard transition Automix sounds terrible. Even if it took up to 2 minutes to perform HPA on an iPhone 4, that’s plenty of time between Automix tracks.

Just saying, it would be much appreciated, as Automix is the main reason I use djay.