High Sierra on a MacBook Pro Mid 2012 - good idea?

Does anyone here use a 2012 MBP with High Sierra (or above) with djay? Is it reliable enough? Still stuck on El Capitan… but some Apps i would like to run on this machine need High Sierra or higher. I’m a bit afraid to loose performance or stability. Appreciate any tipps!

I did the step and upgraded to Mojave. It feels like I have a new Computer, but sadly the waveform animation in djay pro (1.4.5) is getting choppy after one or two hours. In Fullscreen Mode it is a bit choppy from the first minute and is getting worse then.

Hey Pedro,
I have not used that software but i did use Mojave with no problems at all and there is not really much of a difference from High Sierra to Mojave other than a few new features. You will be fine. The MBP 2012 is also a very capable machine. You can also run Catalina if you wanted to without any problems.