High sierra

Is djay pro high sierra ready working properly ?

It randomly quit on me twice last night during my gig. Not cool, I waited for 1.4.4 before upgrading to High Sierra.

Worked perfectly for me.

Hey there,

the new djay Pro for Mac version 1.4.4 is fully updated for macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Crashes every time I open the app; I actually was still using the original djay (I think the sync button is WAY more precise) and that crashes the computer as well. Think I am finally moving on to Serato…

i have the same question …
any answers?


I just updated my Mac to High Sierra, and obviously Apple changed something in the sound settings…? I also updated to Alg. 1.4.5. Now, I’m not able any more to use both the airplay output and the integral Mac output for my headphones at the same time, like I was before. So I didn’t need a splitter until I installed the update(s). Now, in my Mac sound settings, I’ve got to decide either for the integral or the airplay audio output, which is automatically taken over by Alg. There is no option to choose airplay output if my headphones are connected to the integral output and vice versa.

Hi Warner I look for Music or vidéo , my mac I
Ils to slow

i had no problème with siéra …

Any idéa

Thanh for tour help