Highlight tracks on your playists that matches your key

Not sure if this is already available, but in Rekordbox when you load a track, on each playlist you will see highlighted the tracks that matches the current playing track key.

this would be amazing.!

Hi @Luis_Valencia,

When you sort a playlist by key (when pressing on the column header “Key” in the library), the tracks in the same key are highlighted. See below:

Can you enhance the library so it highlights them regardless of table sort order?

I like to sort by BPM and would still like to see matching tracks.

Bonus points: include adjacent keys (eg: 4m and 6m would match with 5m) in your matching algo.

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Thanks for sharing your suggestions with us again. We’ll discuss these ideas internally and we’ll let you know as soon as there’s news about this.

The adjacent keys would be above and below the highlighted tracks.

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