History files have all disapeared???

IPAD- Last night the history file option just disappeared??? I have over a years worth of songs listed in the history section but the option suddenly doesn’t exist on my ipad
Absolute nightmare trying to DJ when all the great songs you’ve played over the last year suddenly disappear-Help!

I have just discovered it now in a different location but only by accident

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I had about a years worth of history files on my ipad of great tunes ive played until last night that is…the history button has suddenly disappeared???
This is a major setback, where has the history option gone and how do I get it back?

Hi, in the latest update History was placed a bit differently in the menu. Have you seen it? Are the History files still gone? Hope for the best! Cheers, Jonas

It is good that we can help each other. Glad you found your way.

Hi Graham,

DJ Boum Boum is right! We did some changes in the library but the history is still available by choosing it as the library.

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Hey Vasillis,

Just follow these steps to get to your history:

start djay

tap “+” to open the library

tap the library icon in the top left corner

select “History”

I hope I was able to help you.


Come on Lucas , don’t u understand ? The history option is gone … Fix that thing plz