History gone, loop glitch, artwork in que djay2 iPad v2.8.2

OK so, I updated to 2.8.2 and have the following issues:

#3 the option “Show Artwork” when turned off removes art from playlists but not the cue list where the space for text is needed. Also, why does the key and tempo info disappear when editing the list?

#2 I have no history lists anymore. the option is now gone. why? how do I get it back?

#1 looping glitches when increasing the beats. 2 beats to 4 beats the track shifts out of sync by jumping that track ahead about1/8 a beat.

Also when will we be able to create a playlist?


Thanks for getting back to me.

#1 The issue I encountered was with (now don’t laugh) iPad2 and version 2.8.2. It didn’t matter the track selected from my local library. I don’t currently use Spotify so can’t speak to that.

  • Having 2 tracks BPM synced [with sync button either locked (blue) or unlocked.] From either deck A or B. Start a 4-bar loop. Everything would be fine and synced.

  • Then using the > to shift the loop to 8-bars the track would skip ahead about an 1/8th of a beat. It was consistent. If sync was locked (blue) it would unlock. Tracks are now out of sync.[Listeners begin staring.]

  • Hitting the sync button puts them back or you can use the +/- to manually correct [provided the downbeats were auto detected properly or I’ve taken the time to correct with an edit. Otherwise, even more, chaos will ensue

  • If you hit > again it would shift again. As pressing < the track would shift the same in reverse.

After writing my initial message I managed to downgrade my install to 7.5.2. This has corrected the issue for now. [However I mistakenly didn’t copy my ‘metadata’ folder and had to have the iPad chug through ~12hrs of track analyzation. Thankfully I managed to save the history files and my last queue-list though.]

As I’ve rolled back versions I am unable to replicate in a video for y’all. If the app gets updated again I will record a quick video.

#2 OK That’s not an issue in my current version. :slight_smile: Will remember that when needed thou. Thanks!

#3 Please share that idea. in settings being able to turn the artwork on or off for the queue list and the library would be helpful. Another space saver idea for that list is the red delete buttons. couldn’t that be accomplished with a swipe to the left. The reverse of the motion possibly used to add it.

Thank you for looking into that.
Happy to help the community.
Best of luck.

Bradley Caddel
pǝɹɐןɔǝp ʎןpɐq ɟo ɯɐɹbɐuɐ uɐ sı

Hi there,

regarding your questions:

#3 I will forward this is a customer request. We did not change the Cueue Artwork, but you outline a valid point, if you edit the playlist the BPM and Time is not shown which we could change by not showing the Artwork. As with every request, it would be great if other users could give there feedback and thoughts about this.

#2 Please note that the history is now in the library menu, after iTunes, Sptotify, History, Videos.

#1 Could you tell us which tracks caused this or even send us a video to support@algoriddim.com, that would help us tons.

Also please note that we are aware of the user demand of a playlist management system, but we generally can’t talk about our future plans.

Our apologies.

Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up. I was able to reproduce issue #1 and forwarded this to the development section. Also i will have a chat regarding the Queue sections design. 

Thank you for your ideas and feedback.

Lukas E.